Exhibitions :

Solo exhibitions (selection)
2003 “My village”, guest ateliers, KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna
2004 “My village”, Bookhouse, Tbilisi
2005 “Dysfunctional Country”, Tbilisi
2004 1st price at the contest “The Family”, Tbilisi
2011 Tbilisi. Procredit bank.
2012 Georgian ABC Book, TBILISI PHOTO FESTIVAL 2012
Group exhibitions (selection)
1996 “Georgia”, Art Gallery, Moscow
1998 “Days of Georgian Culture”, Dee
1999 “Georgian Photography”, Vienna Photo Gallery
2002 “Women Photographers”, Karvasla Gallery, Tbilisi
2003 “Roses Revolution”, TMS Gallery, Tbilisi
2004 “The family”, Old Gallery, Tbilisi
“The War and the Peace”, Karvasla Gallery, Tbilisi
2005 “ ytopia” ifa gallery, Berlin
2006 “viena-garikula” Tbilisi
2007 Group exhibitions documentaru photo, Karvasla gallery, Tbilisi
2007 group exhibitions posters, oldgallery , Tbilis
2010 group exhibitions ,Georgian photo, Tbilisi
2010 Fest i Nova 2010, Art vila garikula
2011 “ Defintions”. Newman Popiashvili Gallery, New York
2011 Invitation. group exhibitions , Europe house ,Tbilisi
2011 ” Art action “Cherry Blossoms, Europe house
2012 Georgian myths and realitys, Tbilisi

Sergo Gotorani (2009)
Cinematography by Natela Grigalashvili